Amsoil is the leader in motor oil for cars, motorcycles, and other vehicles.

With a wide variety of products available, you can trust that your vehicle will stay running smoothly and efficiently with Amsoil’s high quality engine oils.

Amsoil is an engine oil developed in the United States. It is used in cars, motorcycles and other vehicles.

Amsoil is made from synthetic base oils and additives that improve engine performance. The additive package includes a zinc blend, which helps reduce wear on the internal parts of vehicles. The company also offers lubricants designed for spark plugs, fuel injectors and other parts of engines.

Amsoil is a petroleum-based motor oil designed to keep your car’s engine running smoothly, efficiently and cleanly.

Amsoil has been around for decades, and its reputation for quality and reliability is well-established in the industry.

It was first developed by a team of engineers at Amoco, who were looking for an oil with high viscosity index (VI) that could be used in their high-speed drilling rigs. They found that they could use a combination of synthetic base oils and additives to create an oil that would meet their needs.

Today, Amsoil continues to be made using the same formula that was developed over 60 years ago. Their product line includes car and truck oils as well as motorcycle lubricants, and all products are proudly made in the United States.

Amsoil is the only motor oil that has been independently tested and proven to provide the best protection for your engine.

Amsoil’s unique formulation bonds with metal surfaces, creating a protective layer that helps keep harmful particles from reaching your engine.

The Amsoil Difference: Our motor oils are specially formulated using high-performance polymers to create a coating that bonds to metal surfaces and helps protect against wear, corrosion, and fuel contamination. We have been refining our formula for more than 80 years and have refined it again and again over the past decade.

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