Amsoil DOMINATOR 15W-50 Racing Oil. RD501G

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• Formulated specifically for racing & high-performance engines
• Robust formulation resists viscosity loss
• Proprietary friction modifier maximizes horsepower & torque
• Fortified with anti-wear additives for extra protection
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AMSOIL DOMINATOR® 15W-50 Racing Oil. RD501G

Multi-viscosity, shear-stable synthetic race formula engineered to maximize power while providing outstanding engine protection. Heavily fortified with zinc and phosphorus additives to protect critical surfaces in extreme conditions. Proprietary friction modifier maximizes power and reduces engine temperatures. Durable additive system is excellent for racing and street engines.

See the product data sheet for full details.


  • Durable formulation resists viscosity loss due to mechanical shear to maintain a strong protective oil film.
  • Heavily fortified with zinc and phosphorus anti-wear additives to provide additional protection against scuffing and wear in severe racing conditions.


  • Formulated with a proprietary friction modifier to reduce energy lost to friction.
  • Delivers maximum horsepower and cooler engine temperatures, promoting improved lap times and longer-lasting components.


  • Low pour point offers excellent startup protection and provides less drag when the oil has not reached operating temperature.
  • Maintains superior film strength in extreme heat.
  • Thermally stable synthetic chemistry resists the effects of intense heat common to racing engines to provide reliable protection for the duration of the race.
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