AMSOIL Synthetic 4T 10W-30 Motorcycle Oil. MC3QT

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Reduces Friction, Heat, and Wear: AMSOIL 4T Performance Motorcycle SOIL 4T Performance Motorcycle Oil excellent friction-Oil high-quality synthetic base oils naturally reduce friction better than mineral oils. Its outstanding high-temperature film strength and anti-wear additives reduce engine and transmission wear regardless of operating conditions. It is thermally (heat) stable and contains oxidation-inhibitor additives that help maintain proper lubrication, even in extreme heat
Delivers Superior Corrosion Protection: Motorcycles are prone to corrosion from humidity and short drives. Corrosion can cause major damage, such as uncontrolled wear, compression loss, and blow-by. Good corrosion protection, however, comes by design and is not natural to motor oils. Unlike many motorcycle oils, AMSOIL 100% Synthetic 4T Performance Motorcycle Oil contains special anti-corrosion agents that deliver superior corrosion protection
Smooth, Confident Shifts: AMSOIL 4T Performance Motorcycle Oil promotes smooth shifting and positive wet-clutch engagement. It is engineered to control heat and prevent slippage and glazing, promoting long clutch life
Excellent Engine Cleanliness: High-revving, hot-running motorcycle engines can accumulate performance-robbing engine deposits. AMSOIL 4T Performance Motorcycle Oil contains advanced detergency additives that help clean critical engine components, neutralize harmful acids and reduce deposits for maximum performance
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