Amsoil Shock Therapy Suspension Fluid #10 Medium. STMQT

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Formulated for fade-free dampening and smooth rebounds in high-performance applications
Controls friction, heat, wear, foaming and scuffing in suspension components. High viscosity index and shear-stability controls shock fade and inconsistent dampening in temperature extremes.

946 mL.

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AMSOIL Shock Therapy Suspension Fluid #10 Medium. STMQT

A properly functioning suspension is vital to performance during a race or maneuvering around obstacles on the trail. For greatest effectiveness, riders need consistent suspension feel over a broad temperature range. Aggressive riding, however, can heat suspension fluid enough to cause viscosity loss, resulting in soft, inconsistent feel. AMSOIL Shock Therapy Suspension Fluid resists viscosity loss over a broad temperature range for consistent, effective suspension feel. It reduces foaming, aeration and wear, while conditioning seals for maximum life.

Controlled Dampening and Rebound
AMSOIL Shock Therapy Suspension Fluid is formulated to make suspension systems more predictable. Its base oils have inherently high viscosity indices that effectively maintain viscosity, while its anti-foam agents reduce aeration and foam.

Reduces Friction and Wear
The constant friction within a shock body decreases suspension performance. AMSOIL Shock Therapy Suspension Fluid contains friction modifiers to reduce the energy loss caused by friction, while anti-wear agents are added to protect shocks and forks from premature wear.

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  • High viscosity index helps prevent fade under extreme temperatures
  • Consistent, smooth dampening
  • Seal conditioners for extended service life
  • Race-grade technology

Use Shock Therapy Light #5 and Medium #10 in applications that specify any of the following:

  • Denison* HF-0, HF-1, HF-2
  • Racine* Variable Vane Pump
  • Lee Norse* 100-1
  • DIN 51524 Part 2
  • Ford* M6C-32
  • Afnor* E 48-603
  • BF Goodrich* 0152 (except PM 500 Series)

Use AMSOIL Shock Therapy Suspension Fluid in front forks and shocks on snowmobiles, dirt bikes, motorcycles, ATVs and other racing and recreational-use vehicles, as well as cars and trucks that require suspension systems that perform in the most extreme conditions. Agitate the fluid before use. Shock Therapy Suspension Fluid Light #5 is the preferred choice for winter use.

Use AMSOIL Shock Therapy Suspension Fluid Light #5 (STL) in suspension systems where less dampening and quicker rebounds are desired, including those made by Showa*, Kayaba*, Bilstein*, RydeFX*, Penske*, WP*; RACETECH* (US1) and Custom Axis*.

Use Shock Therapy Medium #10 (STM) in suspension systems where more dampening control and slower rebounds are desired, including those made by Ohlin*, FOX*, RACETECH (US2), Koni* and WP shocks; and Harley-Davidson* forks that recommend type “E” or “B” fork oil.

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